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Getting That First Job: The New Graduate’s Lament

January 14, 2015


New graduate lament, find the job, get in the door, get experience, hire me

It’s that time of the year when seniors lift their noses out of the books and realize that real life will be knocking on their door in a few months, and they don’t have a job yet! After years of having panicking students in my office, I have found that the following tips have held […]

King of the Hill Homework

December 5, 2014


King of the hill

I first read about the game, King of the Hill, in the book, The Great Brain, which was set in the 1800’s. Common among boys, at least into my youth, the game has each participant try ascend to the top of the hill. The first is “the king”, but the game still isn’t over after someone makes it […]

Becoming a Woman Engineer

November 5, 2014


Dolly Parton quote

This is an excerpt of a book I started for women in engineering. Maybe later, I’ll compile it into a book. For now, they’re just essays to share. College is a common experience for women engineers. Some women knew as girls that they wanted to be engineers. Others heard about it from friends or relatives […]

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Study: Male scientists want to be involved dads but few are

October 10, 2014


male scientists article

Makes sense that raising kids requires time. But I guess some people need a study to believe it might actually affect a career. Read more at

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Clarify. Verify. Quantify.

September 30, 2014



This is the trilogy that new engineers (and sometimes old ones!) forget to follow when dealing with customers who bring up problems with the products they are working on. I’ve seen three ranges of responses to a customer comment/request: The eager puppy. This is the engineer who translates a passing comment from a customer like […]